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the appropriations subcommittee, you mentioned the delay in funding for tsa credential in infrastructure program and may delay the development of deployment of changes. can you tell me more about the programs and more that would occur? >> as you know, we're very much interested in moving forward with a universal enrollment plan which would allow for card, othera vetting, to be consolidated. is delaying the implementation of testing for the one visit which we're so much interested in. yes, there is a potential for that. if we do not get through this, we will be adversely affected on the timing of that. >> i see my time is expired. i will yield back. i wanted to ask unanimous consent that the gentleman from new jersey be authorized to sit in. >> no objection. at this time, the chair recognizes the ranking minority member of the full committee, the gentleman from mississippi, mr. thompson. >> thank you very much. i would like unanimous consent to enter in an opening statement into the record. welcome, mr. pasqual. -- mr. pistole. i'm sorry we did not connect yesterday. such is life. in this group t
both. >>> back in this country, the tsa is taking a lot of heat for those new and relaxed rule s tht would allow knives and things like golf clubs and hockey sticks back on airplaneses. that would be a post 9/11 first. a lot of people have come out against it including flight attendants, pilots, air marshalls and some tsa screeners. the boss of the tsa was called to capitol hill today to answer for it. tom costello covers aviation for us. he's with us tonight from reagan national and one of the tsa checkpoints. tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi, brian. good evening. the tsa says it confiscates 2,000 small pocket knives like this every single day. it says it delays checkpoints, takes up time. it says they should be more stridently, more intently looking for explosives. many people say there shouldn't be a trade-off. on capitol hill today unions representing air marshalls, airline employees and flight attendants demanded the tsa drop its plan to allow small knives on board commercial flights. >> a knife like this is a weapon and it doesn't belong on an airplane. >> reporter: the union
are slamming the tsa over claims the agents humiliated this wounded marine making him remove his prosthetic legs. he lost his legs in an attack in afghanistan and now we have word the homeland security department is giving trust it traveler status to saudi arabia so citizens can skip normal custom lines we have to go through. the same nation where 15 of the hijackercame from. is this proof we need to privatize airport security? hi everybody. let's go in focus with mr. steve forbes. steve, the evidence is mounting at maybe we should privatize. >> absolutely, david. we see real experiments in this country. 16 airports have privatized security. including san francisco and a study was done comparing san francisco to los angeles and san francisco even though it's a private contractor, the agents are trained like they are for regular tsa. 65% more productive than in los angeles. they have more flexibility though the pay and the benefits are the same. it works. >> rick, let me put it to you this way. is it possible that privatization could be worse than what we have now? >> probably not. to steve'
! [ male announcer ] e-trade. less for us. more for you. >>> the tsa gives a thumbs up to small knives on airplanes. >> you can't even bring a cup of coffee on to an airplane and we're allowing small knives? >>> a billionaire space pioneer gives us a glimpse at the future of space flight. we have brand new video of space x's cutting edge roster. >> the government controlling what you eat. and drink. now the new york mayor is looking at how people listen to music. >> mayor bloomberg should but out. >> is this the nanny state at work? we're asking, do you think we're stupid? are we? all that and more just ahead. >> good evening, everyone. facebook ceo cheryl sandberg's 60 minutes interview about women in the workplace coming up. let's get you up to speed about the big stories happening. >>> six teenagers were killed and two injured when their suv crashed into a pond. it hit a guardrail and flipped over beforehanding in the water. no one was wearing a seat belt. the grieving man talked about the tragedy. his cousin died in that crash. >> we have to come together as a community, because we
.the t-s-a will soon allow small knives and sports equipment to be brought into the cabin.flight attendants and some passengers are not happy. the t-s-a says small folding knives pose little threat to armed pilots locked behind cockpit doors. instead, the tsa says it will focus on searching for explosives that could bring down an airliner. "i think that's a great idea if that's what they're going to do but i still don't think they should relax it that much.""i think that's great that they protect the cockpit but i think they should protect passengers as well." several airline employee groups claim they were not consulted about the change. the head of the association representing air marshalls says of tsa officials "they act like everybody on the back side of that cockpit door is disposable." "i don't agree with the knife part. sports equipment is ok." the list of what will be allowed includes: small folding pocket knives 2.36 inches long, corkscrews, small novelty bats shorter than 24 inches, ski poles, hockey and lacrosse sticks, billiard cues and two golf clubs. "i think
victimized again. this time, it's the very government protecting them that's on the slide. the tsa. it will soon allow passengers to carry small knives on flight. >> reporter: jessica, this is a pocket knife i carry with me just about every day. under the tsa's new policy, in pocket knife would be allow onto planes. earlier today, i spoke with alice hoglin. she's the mother of the victim of 9/11 and her reaction to the new tsa policy is quite visceral. >> this unwise move by the tsa is a slap in the face to the fellas who stood and faulgt. >> the move alice is talking about is the new policy that allows holding knives with blades that are less than 2.3 inches long and half an inch wide. >> they were able to charge up the aisle and take back control of their lives. if they would have had a few more minutes and a couple hundred more feet of altitude, i think it might have turned out differently for them. >> when she heard of the tsa's new policy, she tells me she was horrified. >> to completely turn our back on the possibility that a plane could be hijacked with low-tech items is to
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. backlash over the tsa's plan to allow knives on pnes. one lawmaker wants to force the agency to back down and he is he tonight. also, obamacare coverage could be more painful than doing your tas. and covering your assets with a new way to measure your credit score. "the willis report" is on the case. gerri: all of tht and more coming up. including another reco day in the market. the dow jones extending gains for the ninth straight sessi for the longest winning streak and 17 years. the first tonight, our top story. talk about deaf and dumb and ind, i'm not talking about congress or the white house, but the transportation secity administration. the tsa isticking with the plan to allow small knives like this one on airplanes. three major airlines are fears over the plan, it including delta, american, and u.s. airways. many 9/11 families are up in arms. pocketknives are too close a resemblance to box cutters, which was the weapon of choice of the hijacke of the 9/11 catastrophe. weent and saw what you had to say about these changes. >> how would you sit down with someone having one of these n
on uniforms for the tsa. should they renamed the department of homeland stupidity. and market based integration. for $50,000 you can make the american dream a reality. others say it's the only fair way. and hollywood mourns cisco flies half mast now that chavez is dead. will the pipes flow freely. cashin in starts right now. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bombing and also joins us is former senator and fox news contributor scott brown and carolyn joins us from the liberal wilderness. welcome everybody. washington keeps scaring us about the cuts, but they keep spending. tsa dropping a whopping $900 per uniform and keep hiring. three positions opening up at the department of ago debris culture. they want to grow bole worms. do i need to ask this, necessary or needless? >> it's not only needless but it's destructive. all these things scaring us about cutting used to be handled by the private markets anyway. the tsa didn't exist before 2001. it was private security. we ate meat in this country for 130 before inspectors in the early 1900s. and i don't think the federal employees to grow bole w
fort tsa. so should the department of homeland security be renamed the department of homeland stupidity? how is this for a bright idea? market-based immigration. for 50 grand, you can make the american dream a reality. some say no way, not fair. others say it's the only fair way. and dictator down, hollywood mourns. citgo flies its flags at half mast. now that chavez is dead, will gas flow freely or will the pipes stay clogged? heads up, tree huggers. you're not going to like our ideas for easing american gas pain. "cashin' in," gassing up. hello, i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week, mr. wayne rogers, jonathan, and tracy byrnes, and former massachusetts senator, mr. scott brown and carolyn hellman joins us from the liberal wilderness. welcome, everybody. washington keeps scaring us about the cuts. but they keep spending. the tsa dropping a whopping 900 bucks per uniform and they keep hiring. three positions opening up at the department of agriculture. it's looking for, get this, insect production workers to grow bowl worms. jonathan, do i need to ask, necessary
on a plane? it's okay with tsa. >> they ought to smell the coffee. they ought to immediately repeal this rule. >> why the battle axes and machetes should be allowed, too. the congressman trying to get tsa to crack down, not lighten up. >>> one senior aid called the offensive a joke. what's going on? this is piers morgan live. good evening, we are looking live at the vatican where 115 cardinals are getting well deserved rest tonight. we saw the plume of black smoke showing no pope has been chosen. they will be back in the sistine chapel, deliberating. two votes in the morning followed by possibly white smoke. if not, two more votes in the afternoon. meanwhile, in california, a priest settles a lawsuit against a los angeles archdiocese and cardinal mahoney. he's in the conclave helping to choose the next pope. we'll get to that. we begin with a story of courage and grace. valerie harper, an award winning tv icon from the "mary tyler moore show." she's speaking out about her illness. she's been diagnosed with brain cancer. valerie harper joins me for a prime time interview. it's so nice to see y
and explained she had felt patronized by his remarks. >>> the tsa's top administrator found himself on capitol hill yesterday defending a new measure that would allow small knives on commercial flights. the policy that ends a ban that was instituted following the 9/11 attacks has been kritized by many inside the industry. the tsa chief says his decision will stand. >> and they're -- >> reporter: on capitol hill, unions representing air marshals, airline employees and flight attendants, demanded the tsa drop its plan to allow small knives on commercial flights. >> a knife like this is a weapon. and it doesn't belong on an airplane. >> reporter: the union claims to represent 90,000 flight attendants. but the tsa chief said he never consulted with flight attendants before changing the knife rule. the backlash over the tsa's new life policy has grown to include every player in aviation safety. three, major airlines, u.s. airways, american and delta, oppose allowing small knives onboard. so does the union representing the tsa's own screening officers. >> i just don't believe that there is a place f
ráh'ow a favorite to win a fifth green jacket in the masters in april. >>> for more than 10 years, theó tsa stood by its rule, no pocker knives on a plane, not even xclá those tiny ones, not even nail clippers.lp that changes next month, when the rules relax and you'll be çf knives on board. certain small acrline executives don't like it. flight attendants don't l)%h it. some lawmakers on capitol hill don't like it either.q lisa lpqdesjardins is in washinn with more. >> the tsa says it's trying to prevent things like a bomb an explosion or a takeover of an aircraft. it says small knives with the current safety precautions on cockpit doors could not cause lp such a catastrophic problem.xdt( but lawmakers, including chuck q schumer, say small knives are still too dangerous to go on >> the tsa refuses to go along, we would very much consider legislation and my guess is it would have large bipartisaÑe1 support.jfp, i don't know anyone who's defen(?" the tsa on this, because it doesn't make any sense. e1 >> you can see what this changeq is.Ñi starting april 25th, can you carry knives this size un
are agreeing not to sell. >>> and an airport altercation that has the tsa spinning. why a veteran says he was humiliated by a tsa agent. we're back in a moment. >>> take a look. it took more than six hours to control this predawn fire on bethel island. this is in eastern costa costra county. falling power lines slowed their effort to control the flames. two homes are totally destroyed and a third is damaged. >>> in jerusalem today the mood was sunny and the talk was tough. president barack obama on his first official trip to israel since being elected in 2008. steve handelsman, the leaders called each other by their first names which observers say it was a good sign. >> reporter: looked like a love fest, janelle. that seems to suit both leaders. you could hardly tell that the president and the prime minister had a falling out over iran. they praised one another and seemed to agree at least in public about the military option. president obama reassured israelis terrified of iran getting nuclear weapons that if diplomacy fails, using force is possible. >> all options are on the table. we wi
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with a fake bomb hidden in his pants. now blockbuster revelations from a former tsa screener shed ago disturbing light how these episodes could happen. arthel nevil is here. >> had he point out gaping holes at newark liberty airport chalking it up to silly policies and lazy workers. in an article in the new york post a screener wasn't surprised by february's incident that you mentioned and criticized those tasked with keeping america safe it's not a matter of if, a terrorist could board a plane but when. among other accusations screenings are substandard and violent requirements. workers don't need a high school diploma. half-hour bathroom breaks are normal and many supervisors are asleep at the wheels. officials maintain despite problems the system has worked. >> i wouldn't want to be a terrorists try to get to these planes. we have never had a terrorist get on these planes in last eleven and a half years. >>. >> reporter: that breach last month is one of long series of incidents. in october 2012, 25 employees were fired and 19 suspended for improperly screening baggage. in june 2012
, the tsa, surprised everyone a few days ago, announcing that we'll soon be able to take pocket knives and other banned items on to commercial airplanes. knives, bats, sticks -- thousands of them have been taken away from passengers at airports since shortly after the 9/11 attacks. allowing them onboard again is not sitting well with people who fly for a living and some lawmakers. lisa is all over this story for us, she's in washington for us right now. even a u.s. senator says this is a bad move. >> reporter: that's right. this comes down to one very bad question. what should be the priority for the agency charged with keeping planes safe in our country? what's it even mean to keep planes safe? this weekend, two well-known lawmakers have said that by letting small knives on to our planes, the tsa is making things less safe. the most recent, senator chuck schumer. he's the number three democrat in the senate. he said it this way. >> usually when a government agency makes some kind of ruling, even if you disagree with it, at least you see the logic. i don't see any logic here. i hear ou
. >> pope francis takes reins of the catholic church. >>> despite sharp criticism, head of the tsa says there are no plans to change the decision to allow some knives on planes. there is now a bill that could overturn the policy. we'll have the latest on that. and as always, you can join our conversation on twitter. do we have a mower? no. a trimmer? no. we got nothing. we just bought our first house, we're on a budget. we're not ready for spring. well let's get you ready. very nice. you see these various colors. we got workshops every saturday. yes, maybe a little bit over here. this spring, take on more lawn for less. not bad for our first spring. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get three bags of earthgro mulch, a special buy at just $10. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. [ laughs ] whoo. ♪ oh. nice! great! [ laughs ] a shot like that calls for a postgame celebration. [ male announcer ] share what you love wi
will talk about what's happening in congress, specifically looking at tsa and we will hear more about the new rules to allow small knives on airplanes, that is with republican congressman richard dachshund. later on, independents and a cure bernie sanders from vermont will talk about the senate democrats' new budget plan and other issues. we will be right back. >> ♪ [video clip] >> i think for dolly madison what she also has is a model for government that stresses civility and deputy. she is modeling this for us. she's not going to win. but we look to our founding generations because we need examples, role models. her way of conducting politics, stressing building bridges, is a model she has bequeathed us. >> our conversation with historians on dolly madison is available on our website, c- [video clip] >> the story starts in december of 1783. the moment is one for the ages. with a perfect sense of the theatrical moments, one of george washington's many appreciate it -- unappreciated talents was the right gestures at the right time. the general stood on the floor of the sta
ahead on kron 4-- ever wonder where the items banned by the t-s-a end up? the answer -- coming up next. ("closing bell") and it was a ninth straight of gains for the dow. a look at today's closing numbers, next. >> catherine: now for today's market update. the dow has it's ninth day of gains in a row. its longest winning streak in 16 years. here are a look at today's closing numbers. the dow rose five points to close at 14-thousand-455. the nasdaq edged up nearly three points. and the s-and-p 500 rose two points. >> the hackers who stole and published financial information belonging to celebrities and top government officials. apparently exploited a website designed to give people free credit reports. an initial investigation suggests the hackers used personal details about their victims to impersonate them and get the credit reports. and tonight-- associated press says the investigation includes a san francisco-based internet company, "cloud-fare." it operates the computers used behind the scenes. to send visitors to a russian website where the stolen credit reports were being publish
jack lew weighs in on the markets and the american economy. his interview just ahead. >>> and the tsa under fire. the growing backlash over knives on planes. what every traveler needs to know. good evening, everyone, and welcome to our public television viewers. suzy, the market beat goes on and on. >> it's like the energizer bunny. it just keeps going and going. the dow marches on higher for the tenth day in a row, the first time since 1997 -- 1996. it ended at 14,539. the nasdaq added 14 and the broader s&p 500 gained almost 9 points, and it's now just 2 points away from its own record high close. >>> there is some concern that the rise in the markets may have been too high too fast. and this could be the start of a market bubble. butewly installed treasury secretary jack lew tells steve liesman not so. >> the analysis i've seen doesn't give me reason to be worried right now. >> we'll have more of steve's interview with the treasury secretary in just a few minutes. >>> as the dow hits unprecedenteded heights and the s&p 500 nears its own peak tantalizingly close to it, there's a bat
jeb bush on immigration wars, saturday at 8:15 eastern, part of booktv this weekend on c-span2. >> tsa administrator john pistole yesterday defended his agency's decision to allow passengers to bring certain lives onto commercial airline flights. he was before a house homeland security subcommittee for a little more than an hour. we'll show you as much of this hearing as we can until our live coverage at 9:30. knox. >> the committee on homeland security, subcommittee on transportation security will come to order. the subcommittee is meeting today to hear testimony on tsa's risk-based security programs from the administrator of the transportation security administration, the honorable john pistole. i would like to welcome everybody to the subcommittee's first hearing of the 113th congress and thank our distinguished witness for taking the time to be here today. you have a tough job, administrator pistol. i was impressed by your operation and the team you've assembled. we appreciate your service and look forward to hearing from you today. the topic of today's hearing is risk-based securi
are putting lives in danger. with the new tsa policy you'll be able to get on a plane with a small knife, a hockey stick, and a couple of golf clubs. plus afghanistan's president levels an incredible charge against america. as chuck haguel makes his first trip to that country as defense secretary. a the u.s. motive ahead of the troop withdrawal. it now has the top commander in the war zone calling those words categorically false. also, the man with the republican man to get the government's fiscal house in order. >> we think we owe the american people a balanced budget. >> harris: to do that, congressman paul ryan wants to scrap one of president obama's biggest first term accomplishments. >> our budget does promote repealing obamacare. >> harris: the showdown over spending your tax dollars. and caretakers and customers at a big cat reserve left in shock after someone apparently left the gate open and a 500-pound lion walked right out and killed this woman. tonight, cat haven reopening for business. i'm harris falkner. new defense secretary chuck hagel getting a crash course in a rocky re
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to try and rebrand itself. plus, sharp criticism, the tsa standing its ground amidst growing opposition to its new policy allowing knives back on planes. five flight attendant unions are speaking out. first, we bring today's producer pick. brought to you by segment producer tracy mitchell. today is pi day. the number that you get when you calculate the ratio of a circle circumference to its diameter. it's being celebrated today. you can read about the infinite celebrations on my facebook page. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. when i first
lost almost 4% closing at $489.89. >>> and coming up, the change in tsa policy that could make for shorter lines at airport security. but does it come with a price? >>> first, though, 126 s&p 500 companies traded at new 52-week highs during today's session. that's about 25% of the index. 57 of those names hit new all-time highs. here's a look at some of them. >>> a lawyer who represent eed chrysler has been chosen by michigan's governor to be the emergency manager of detroit. kevin orr will try to fix the city's finances and try to avoid a bankruptcy. detroit is now the largest american city ever to have its finances placed under state control. >>> there's also trouble in many of the nation's counties. new figures from the census bureau show a record number of u.s. counties more than one in three are dying off as aging populations and weak economies force young adults to look elsewhere for jobs. >>> airport safety officials say they are allowing small knives and items like golf clubs on aircraft again to conform with international standards and make airport security checkpoints
to reporters on sunday, which is rare. here is what he had to say. >> the tsa ought to smell the coffee. >> reporter: you might call them pocket knives or swiss army knives, have blades smaller than 2.6 inches, a little bit longer than, say, your house key. lonts list of newly allowed things to carry on are ski poles, lacrosse stick and bill yard cues. of course, frederica, not hearing many arguments about those things, clearly unwieldy, it is the knifes that are the main issue here. as senator schumer saying, he thinks because they can folksily hurt an individual, that's one reason that flight attendants are very concerned about this as well. tsa you however, sees things very differently. from tsa's perspective this is about their job being a priority on trying to prevent terrorists from taking over an entire plane. the tsa says that cockpits are protected now, small knifes can no longer get a terrorist to the plane's controls but the tsa says hunting for those knives can distract their officers from finding those bigger threats. now, those changes are supposed to go into effect in apr
to talk about, the tsa and their rules changes. what you can bring on a plane now. >> the things that people try to carry on a plane may boggle your mind. after a decade of confiscated tens of millions of pocketknives the tsa said it's now time for a change. you can now carry a small knife on board. lily tomlin! want to join us and make it a three way? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the next wave of italians has come to america, and the fiat 500 with beats audio is rockin' the block. the italian designed fiat 500. "no, save 300 bucks over here!" "wait, save 400 bucks right here." with so many places offering so much buck-saving, where do you start? well, esurance was born online raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so they're actually built to save you money... and time... and whiplash. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: the transportation security administration, the tsa, decided they're going to stick by their new policy of allowing people to carry on small knives on to pl
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, the tsa will now allow certain kinds of small knives on board planes. but lawmakers like chuck schumer want the tchl sa to reverse their decision right now. >> it looks dangerous. and it is dangerous. this can kill someone. >> sxecexcept that's not the kif knife the tsa will now allow on planes because that can be locked in place. confusing, right? rene marsh is at reagan international airport and joins us with a closer look. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, lots of rules as far as what can and cannot be brought on on when it comes to these small knives here. but when it comes to this new policy, what will it mean? it means that you can get through security lines like these with one of these. we're talking about these small pocketknives. and that is why we're seeing this battle start to brew because lawmakers are saying wait a minute, will this is not a good idea, it's scaring passengers and could endanger the flight crew. in a few weeks, knives like these may be allowed through airport security if a new tsa policy goes into effect. but some lawmakers are vowing to fight it. >> and tod
to airport security. the t-s-a is altering its' policy. on what airline passengers can and cannot carry onto planes. kron 4's charles clifford >> reporter: the transportation security adminstration says it wants to start spending more time looking for high threat items, like explosives, and less time confiscating small things like hand held knives and sporting equipment starting on april 25th, airline passengers will be allowed to carry on knives with blades shorter than 2.36 inches long and ½ an inch wide. knives with locking or fixed blades will not allowed and the knife can not have a molded grip. box cutters and razor blades will remain prohibited. the tsa will also start allowing passengers to carry on some sporting equipment, including ski poles, hockey sticks, up to two golf clubs, pool cues and lacrosse sticks. they will also allow bats that weigh less than 24 ounces and are shorter than 24 inches. the bat can be longer than 24 inches as long as it meets the weight limit. once again, these new changes take effect on april 25th. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> with
this burning car. all of camera, also the tsa getting a lot of criticism for deciding to allow small pocket knives on planes. and you are telling the facebook world a lot about yourself. every single time you push the like button. why you might want to be less revealing. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. . >>> take a look at this. an officer pulling a young driver from a burning car. this was in iowa. the rescue caught on the police cars dash board camera. let's take a closer look at this. you can see the officer breaking the window. opening the door. then another officer comes over to help. you see them dragging the unconscious 18-year-old victim out. he was doing donuts in the snow. he lost control. hit an air conditioning unit in a parking lot. >>> an alligator named mr. stubs beca
, thank you for reporting all this time. >>> the head of tsa will be on capitol hill today facing questions over the controversial decision to allow passengers to carry small knives on commercial airlines. flight attendants unions and at least three major airlines oppose this change, saying it makes air travel less safe. some prominent lawmakers have voiced their concerns as well and now one is drafting a measure to stop the tsa from reversing course. administrator john pistole said the agency confiscates more than four tons of signal knives each month but doesn't think they pose a catastrophic threat. >>> it was a recording that may have been a game changer in the 2012 presidential election. mitt romney's 47% comment. >> 47% with him who believe that they are victims, who believe government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it. and so my job is not to worry about those people. >> well, after that video was released, romney said it was a very unfortunate statement. and it was not what he meant. now fo
conversation versus eavesdropping. which is more likely to be remembered? >> the tsa gets grilled over allowing knives on planes. well, well, well. growing up we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> over hearing a one sided conversation is more annoying than eavesdropping. returners did a study involving students. half of them listened to a one sided conversation while trying to contrait on an assignment -- concentrate on a assignment. researchers say students exposed to the one sided conversation remembered more of it and were more likely to say it was annoying. >>> when it comes to talking on cell cell phones while driving americans are the worst. the centers for disease control and preventi
to withdraw u.s. troops by next year. >>> the agency in charge of airline security, the tsa, surprised everyone a few days ago announcing we'll soon be able to take pocketknives and other banned items onto commercial airplanes. knifes, bats, sticks, thousands of them have been taken away from passengers at airports since shortly after the 9/11 attacks. allowing them on board again is not sitting well with people who fly for a living and some lawmakers. lisa is in washington watching reaction to this change in security rules. so, lisa, why the change now? and who has a problem with it? >> right. okay, first, why the change now. the leader of the tsa says they have been studying this for years and that they figured out through that assessment that knives actually no longer pose the risk of breaking into a cockpit, allowing a terrorist to take control of the plane or to blow up the plane. so the tsa says knifes like you see here are actually not a catastrophic threat, and these are the knives that tsa says will now be allowed. they are knives with blades that are no longer than 2.36 inche
it there. thank you very much. jay carney, give me a call i'll pick up the phone. >> was the tsa caught with its pant downs because a fake bomb made its way through a magna tomter and a patdown. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. >> to tight in the front. >> all right. >> we can do that out here but if you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> remember that? even when the tsa agents touch your junk, there's chance you're going to flunk. an undercover tsa inspector was able to sneak a fake bomb through two security checkpoints despite being patted down. so, two checkpoints, this guy gets patted down, bomb in his underwear, makes it on to an airplane. what is happening at the tsa? i don't know hough it was done and what it really looked like, but the reality, we spoke before this at length many t
. the tsa, on occasion will test tsa screeners, walking through with simulated ieds and it happened in newark and a simulated bomb got through. have you asked for a head-to-toe, top-tow-bottom investigation. what is the state of the tsa and our national security? >> i have a great regard for the administrate of the tsa and i have called on him for a full evaluation and report to find out wais wrong with tsa at newark airport. we can't afford to have the possibility of a bomb brought onto a plane. i mean, apart from the tragic loss of life, that would psychologically put us back to september 12, 2001. overo all, there are real deficiencies with tsa. on the other hand, there are multiple layers of defense that the tsa has at the airport. while these inspectors, obviously, this is inexcusable. we should keep in mind, there are a number of levels of deterrents at the airports, starting with before you get there. i don't want to be encouraging terrorists to get on the planes because we have not had anyone get on a plane successfully with an explosive device in the united states in the la
supposed to protect us when we travel are putting lives in danger. with a new tsa policy you will be able to get on a plane with a small knife, a hockey stick and a couple of golf clubs. plus afghanistan's president levels an incredible charge against america. as chuck hagel makes his first trip to the country as defense secretary. >> a play about u.s. motors ahead of the troop withdrawals for next year. fox report what hamid karzai said the top commander in the war zone calling those words t categorically false. he's the man with the republican plans to get the government fiscal house in order. >> we think we owe the american people a balanced budget. >> but to do that hundreds of paul ryan wants to strap president obama's biggest first term accomplishment. >> our budget does row motor repealing obama care and replacing it with a better system. >> in minutes the latest show down over spending your tax dollars. and caretakers and customers at a big cat reserve left in shock after someone apparently left the gate open and a 500 pound lion walked right out and killed this woman. tonight c
. >> reporter: the roar of protests over tsa's plan to allow small knives on planes grew louder today. massachusetts congressman ed markey is now joining the chorus with a warning. >> if the tsa does not reverse their decision, i'm going to introduce legislation to reverse the decision. >> reporter: it's these small pocket knives, with small blades, that the tsa planning to allow back on planes. the ceo of the largest airline, delta airlines, joined the cause last night with a letter to the head of the tsa quote, we share the legitimate concerns. >> we're not going to stand for that. the tsa was created because there were blades in the cabin. >> reporter: the air marshal unions has joined the unions has joined the opposition, which has gained steam with an online petition. he said that allowing small knives will allow his officers to concentrate on explosives. especially liquid explosives. but those who work in aircraft cabins say it's a dangerous move. >> it makes no sense for us to say that we can only search for liquid explosives or knives. we should be able to search for both. >>
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